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Slot Machine Playing Tips: A Guide to Playing Class II Slot Machines

A lot of players believe that it is easier to win on a Class II machine compared to a Class III machine. Although Class II slot machines are similar to the appearance of Class III slot machines because they are both of the same size, more or less, and have touch screens and pull handles, Class II machines are usually for games like Bingo and the other types of random number generated games. They also have a central service which determines whether you win or lose the hand. Here is a useful guide that you can use for playing Class II slot machines.

1. Because Class II machines are often linked with other machines, it is believed that you are less likely to win on one which has recently paid out a winner. You might want to look for Class II machines which have not paid out a jackpot recently.

2. Another winning strategy would be to play more often. Additionally, if you are playing keno or bingo, you could try using the same numbers each time you play.

3. You can also consider doing graduated betting. This is a technique that is used by many seasoned slot machine players. The concept behind it is to bet more if you are winning and bet less if you are losing.

You should keep in mind that although these strategies might actually help you improve your chances of winning, because Class II slot machines are often for games of chance, there may be times when having no strategy and just using pure luck and instinct is the best strategy.

18. Apr, 2011

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